Ghent PDF Output Suite

Certification course

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has developed the Ghent PDF Output Suite to help test PDF/X-4 compliancy of PDF output workflows. As of 2021, the GWG provides a certification based on the Ghent PDF Output Suite. In order to get this certification, a printer must be certified by a GWG member company. As a GWG member, Four Pees is offering you a full training course to provide you with the necessary knowledge to obtain the certification.

By obtaining this certification, you can use this quality label on your website and in all communications towards clients and will also be mentioned on all GWG communications as one of the GWG’s certified printers.

What is the Ghent PDF Output Suite?

The Ghent PDF Output Suite consists of several dozen patches, each testing a specific aspect of the PDF/X-4 standard. These are composed into six larger sheets (with 8 patches each), are fully PDF/X-4 compliant and contain only valid PDF/X-4 features which could also be part of any ordinary PDF/X-4 file.

The Ghent Output Suite defines two conformance levels:

  • Level 1: sheets 1 through 4 with CMYK and spot colors only,
  • Level 1+2: all six sheets containing CMYK, spot color and ICC-based color patches.

Ghent PDF Output Suite - Training

At Four Pees our PDF specialists have created a full course that will help you prepare for this certification. This course consists of two half days of training after which you will posses the necessary skills and knowledge to to the certification exam.

In preparation of the certification, Four Pees provides 2 x 3hours of training around the following topics:

  • Basic PDF knowledge
  • PDF related prepress concepts
  • PDF standards
  • Ghent Output Suite
  • Outputting Ghent Output Suite versus “bad files”
  • Detecting bad files using GWG profiles
  • Fixes for common problems & risk analysis for corrections

Ghent PDF Output Suite - Certification

In order to be certified, a test file containing the six sheets is personalized for the candidate printer. The printer has to output it and provide proof of a good result. As the Ghent PDF Output Suite is easy to judge, pictures of the 4 or 6 printed sheets (depending on level) provide sufficient proof.

Photographic proof and the filled-in documentation file are provided to Four Pees after completing the print. If everything was output correctly, you will have passed the certification course and Four Pees will fulfill all administrative work with the GWG to provide you your certificate.


  • Training that will lead to a better understanding of PDF standards, compliance and how submitted PDF quality affects the final printed result.
  • Optimization of your internal print workflow to process good incoming PDF files painlessly and better knowledge of tools to detect PDF files that may cause problems.
  • Recognition on the Ghent Workgroup website as a certified printer.
  • A personalized certification badge that can be used on your website and printed materials such as quotes.


The cost of this certification program is 1500€. This includes the training, administration to pass the certification and the GWG certification fee.

Remark that taking this training cannot guarantee certification as this depends on the software and hardware utilized by the printer. However, our PDF Specialsts will do their best effort to help the printer pass the certification.

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