Four Pees accompanies Ubisoft on becoming the first company in Europe to receive the Ghent Workgroup Output Certification

24 Mar 2022

Ghent, 24/03/2022 - Four Pees worked with French game Ubisoft to help them become the first European company to obtain the Ghent Workgroup Output Suite Certification. This conformance certification label allows Ubisoft to prove that their PDF output workflow is compliant with the PDF/X-4 standard.

Four Pees has been working with Ubisoft for over 10 years to help ensure it is producing the highest quality print gaming artwork. To help Ubisoft prepare for this certification, Four Pees has created an essential training course, focusing on the architecture of the PDF file format, essential features of the file format, PDF standards such as the GWG and PDF/X standards, and how to detect and deal with problematic PDF files.

Axel Robert, Senior Manager Quality & Prepress at Ubisoft: “Four Pees have helped us ensure our print artwork is of the highest quality over the past years. The Ghent Workgroup Output Certification was the next step that we had to take as a business. Not only to show that we are working according to industry standards, to recognize the competences and talents inside the company, but also because Four Pees’ training required us to look at our processes in a critical manner and think about, they could be optimized. We’re very proud to be the first European company to have obtained this certification!”

Christian Blaise, Director of Professional Services & Support at Four Pees: “Getting the Conformance certificate is of course nice, but the real value is to understand the underlying principles of the PDF format and the relevant ISO and GWG standards. It is this knowledge that will help companies like Ubisoft to become more efficient in how they deal with incoming PDF files. As Four Pees we didn’t just want to provide support to get the Ghent PDF Output Suite Conformance Certificate, but we wanted to combine that with essential training to increase knowledge at companies so that they can think about the workflow they have and optimize everything where needed.”

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