Four Pees Café - There's an app for that

11 Oct 2021

Did you know there’s an app for that? During our projects, we get to know companies from all over the industry. Based on their requests, comments, and feedback, we have developed a series of apps for the Enfocus Appstore, which help large and small companies in all market segments to make the most of their Switch workflow by integrating it into the entire print workflow.

In this Four Pees Café, CTO David van Driessche will dive deeper into our integration app which offers you a full print production dashboard, so you know the status of all jobs at all the time. The second app is just called “Create file from template”. This tool solves problems when creating relatively complex text files in Switch, such as an XML or JDF file or a complex JSON file. Our Switch app uses the EJS templating engine to do all that.

Video in English

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