Four Pees Café - Generating bleed in the print process: Different ways and tools

02 Jul 2021

You receive a PDF from the client and guess what: no bleed! It’s one of the most common mistakes printers encounter when receiving documents from clients and it does create the occasional headache. If a PDF has been created without bleed, or if the bleed is not sufficient, generating bleed out of page content is needed to avoid register problems. How to add bleed where there is none?

In our last Four Pees Café before the summer holidays (yes, we do take holidays), Michiel Van den Saffele and David van Driessche will dive deeper into the complex world of bleed generation in various tools such as callas pdfToolbox, CalderaRIP and caldera PrimeCenter and discuss what your options are to fix this annoying problem.

Video in English

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