IPIA Innovation Magazine: "Four Pees finds a new flow"

25 Feb 2021


With plans to expand its market share and deliver even more value to its customers, international distributor and integrator of products and solutions to streamline print and packaging production, Four Pees, has revealed its corporate repositioning and rebranding.

“Four Pees has been on an incredible journey since 2007, moving from being a sales and marketing agency specialising in software technology for the graphics arts, through to becoming a distributor, market educator and brand evangelist, and now proudly fulfilling our potential as a software integrator,” enthuses Tom Peire, CEO, Four Pees.

The rebranding –– featuring a new website, new logo and new mission: ‘Feel the good flow’ –– thus allows Four Pees to externalize its revamped strategy to expand its business from being a specialist software distributor to also supplying and integrating total solutions for resellers’ and end users’ print production needs.

As part of its rebranding process, Four Pees has also welcomed aboard Marketer Sam Claeys. Over the past seven years, Sam worked both as a PR Consultant for various B2B IT companies and as a Marketer at financial consulting firm VGD. He will be central to its new strategy and building momentum for it.

Tom continues: “A key motivating factor for our evolution over the last two decades has been a trend whereby the level of industry technical knowledge has slowly decreased, and so has the number of product resellers.

“So, we have steadily moved to fill that gap, building partnerships with our customers that ensure they fully leverage their technology investments through the use of software that is best in class, the right fit for their business and has been integrated and implemented properly.”

Partnership – not profiteering

Thanks to its years of experience as a specialist software distributor, Four Pees has expert knowledge about a wide variety of solutions. From web-to-print to packaging prototyping, job onboarding, colour management, online cooperation/approval, automated proofreading or media and ink optimization, the Four Pees team knows how to identify and handle any challenge.

“Through that project experience we have realised there is a lot of potential for maximising customer collaboration and leveraging our extensive product and technology knowledge,” explains Tom, who adds: “We are independent in that we will assess a company holistically and fix the problems that are there, rather than pushing solutions onto them for problems they do not have, which just wastes time and creates inefficiency.

“Very often it is then about them optimising what they have, building in one or two solutions to allow them to build and grow. Many general print businesses have manual processes and specialisms that they do not realise can be automated and create new efficiencies within their business.

“What makes our offering unique is the service package we have. We truly understand our off-the-shelf products, but also how they can be applied and adopted in a bespoke way, as well as truly unique integrations and implementations of software for customers to suit their specific needs. This creates real value for our customers.”

Four Pees new strategy draws on extensive market experience, whether it is providing automation solutions for the very biggest trans-European trade print houses or integrating closed web-shops for specialist trade printers –– through to enabling eCommerce for business-to-consumer printers and how they can reduce manual touch points.

Tom concludes: “That is why ‘Feel the good flow’ is the goal behind everything we do: we supply the necessary knowledge and tie up any loose ends, leaving our customer to simply enjoy the flow.”

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