Web to Print, do I need one?

23 Feb 2021


Nowadays everyone has a web to print system, but does that mean that you need one as well?

Part of that question stems from the name “web-to-print” that seems to imply that this is nothing but yet another sales channel you will have to manage. But there are of course many other reasons why web to print could be interesting for you. Our CTO David van Driessche helps you with some advice in this video.

Buy locally

The first reason is a bit ironic. Web-to-print obviously happens on the world wide web, yet web to print systems are ideal to allow local consumers to buy from the company around the corner. There is certainly a trend that consumers want to buy locally, but that doesn’t mean they want to get off their couch. A web to print system allows them to buy locally while not sacrificing convenience.

Reduce time on quotes

The second reason web-to-print can be a real asset is that it’s a really really patient system. It will allow your clients to explore everything you have to offer, in any exotic combination they might think of. And you only get involved if there is a real order that is placed. In many of the projects that we get involved in, the main reason for buying a web to print system is this reduction of administrative overhead.

Improve customer retention

Let’s also talk about relationships. The relationship between you and your most important customers. A good web-to-print system can set up closed shops for those customers, with their preferences, their shipment methods, payment methods, their collection of products and of course, their prices. Again, a way to reduce your administrative overhead, but at the same time strengthen your relationship with those customers.

More output, less hassle

Of course, there are many other reasons why web to print could be interesting for you. It should be clear by now though that it’s not just another sales channel. So, do you need to buy a web-to-print system because everybody else has one? Of course not! But it would be wise to consider web to print and to see what it can do for your business.

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