Why do we share our 'Secrets from the support vaults'?

02 May 2018 By Akash Choudhary

Support Webinar

Nothing is better than face-time with customers when explaining something that might be complex and needs a simple push to get going. And that’s when we started to share our ‘Secrets from the support vaults’. The content has expanded over time, and it’s mostly propelled by feedback from our customers, as well as questions fielded by our Customer Support team, both at callas and FourPees side, giving everyone a chance to learn something new.

Season 2 tip: Did you know that you can have multiple versions of pdfToolbox on the same machine; maybe to test a new version that came out recently?

We are currently running Season 2 webinars conducted by our exclusive distributors FourPees, who are closest to our customers and are best suited for speaking on quick tips, new features, and workarounds. Season 1 focussed on dynamic imposition, Javascript in pdfToolbox, process plans and much more over 9 episodes (see link below).

Season 2 tip: Being able to do preflight is good, and for prepress people, the built-in profiles are probably understandable. For your clients, they might not be so easy to understand. Do you know your options if you want to change the items reported to the user?

In the current season, we are concentrating on subjects like the usage of variables in callas pdfToolbox and the big window of opportunity it opens, pdfToolbox libraries, exporting, importing and getting them back if lost. One webinar is for the customers active with colour spaces and want to know more about the possibilities wrt pdfToolbox. (How can you convert RGB to CMYK, but ignore gray/CMYK? & How can you do TAC reduction or ink saving in pdfToolbox?)

Season 2 tip: callas pdfToolbox is activated on a particular hardware. If that hardware changes, do you know that you can move your license from one computer to another computer?

Well, episode 4 of season 2 is exactly that plus more. A wide range of webinars from different prefight profiles and their usage to pdfToolbox’s Imposition engine which is more powerful than you can imagine.

All webinars are free of charge and are available as recorded events after the presentation dates. Check out Season 2 here!

Curious for Season 1? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiXlq_BsHmYc3xNw8CLNFLyc3m57bQLAq

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