Our Values

What makes us great as a team and a company? A shared set of values that we live by... and a shared love for penguins!

We are customer-facing

We communicate fearlessly to build trust with our customers. Our customer service is friendly, patient and accessible.

We are real & trustworthy

We are a vault; we do not share what’s not ours to share. We take ownership for our behaviour. We treat everyone with respect. We act with integrity: we walk the talk. We practice our values, we do not just profess them.

We can be serious without a suit

We do not believe in the old adagio that the suit makes the man. Your values and knowledge are your real virtues. So we choose to be informal in our way of doing business while being respectful at all times.

We are fun! Really!

Working hard also equals relaxing harder. We love to have fun together and we do not take ourselves too serious.

What we do, we do well

We are experts and we are proud of it. We always strive for excellence and real robust solutions. We love a challenge and endure where others quit.

We see things through till the end

We never leave a customer hanging. We will look for a solution for as long as is needed.

We strive for simplicity

We understand that taking up the time of our customers for useless hassle is unrespectful. Efficiency and simplicity in the way we do business is always the goal, in the way we face customers and in our internal organization.

We always learn

Be curious, ask why, always learn. Be a sponge when it comes to information and learning from failures.

We move fast

We are always listening to the market. We seize opportunities and conquer markets as fast as we can. We have a clear idea of the direction we are moving in.

Join the green side! May the Four be with you!

Recognize yourself in these values?

You'll fit right in then! Let's have a chat and make it official!