pdfToolbox training - Intermediate

Already familiar with pdfToolbox? Well, get your hands dirty and dive into the details of pdfToolbox! This pdfToolbox training for intermediates will cover preflight inspection, variables, advanced checks, advanced fixups and much more.

Quick facts

  • Duration: 2 days (from 9 AM until 4 PM)
  • Price: € 1000/person
    • 15% discount for people who have an active SMA contract on any Four Pees product.
    • The second, third … person from the same company joins at half price.


The training consists of a morning session (from 9 AM until 12:30 PM) and an afternoon session (from 1pm to 4pm), alternated with breaks. Coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and lunch are included; dinner and accommodation are not included. Don't forget to bring your own laptop!

Day 1 - Morning session

  • Welcome & introduction
  • pdfToolbox product overview
  • Installation & activation
  • Doing quality control, using pdfToolbox preflight profiles (libraries, preflight profiles, creating and editing checks and fixups, creating or modifying profiles)
  • Preflight inspection, using pdfToolbox Desktop (including preflight profiles)

Day 1 - Afternoon session

  • Variables: types, usage, working with simple variables
  • Variables: possibilities & examples of scripted variables
  • Automating processing, using hot folders in pdfToolbox Server
  • An introduction to pdfToolbox CLI
    • Advanced checks: color, ink coverage, page sizes, sifter …
    • Advanced fixups: color, shapes, place content …

Day 2 - Morning session

  • Preflight profiles versus process plans
  • Creating process plans, understanding the different automation steps …
  • Advanced topics as desired by the trainees. Selection from:
    • Advanced checks: color, ink coverage, page sizes, sifter …
    • Advanced fixups: color, shapes, place content …
    • Customizable preflight reports in detail
    • Making a proof page using place content
    • The pdfToolbox imposition engine

Day 2 - Afternoon session

  • Advanced topics as desired by the trainees


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