pdfChip is a command-line application for the creation of high-quality PDF from HTML, taking full advantage of CSS and JavaScript.

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Creates high-quality & print-ready PDFs from HTML

pdfChip is based on the WebKit technology, it renders your designs quickly and flawlessly into PDF. It allows to create fully compliant PDF/X files (for print) or PDF/A files (for archival), in the smallest output PDF size possible! Furthermore, it’s possible to use the exact same HTML and CSS code on the web as well as for PDF generation.

Easy to learn and use

pdfChip has a low entry level, as the command-line interface is clear and easy-to-learn. There is no need to learn custom XML or XSL-FO based template syntax. You get a comprehensive user documentation and tutorial, which guarantees a quick learning curve.

Advanced support for professional publishing, print, document exchange and archival features

pdfChip is ideal for imposition or composition of multiple PDFs. Textbook creation and scientific publishing can take advantage of MathML support, a specification for mathematical formulas and scientific content on web pages. Furthermore, pdfChip allows for the generation of more than 100 different types of barcodes, such as 1D codes or QR codes. Full styling is possible through the use of CSS. Even advanced techniques, such as bar width reduction, are fully supported.

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