Tutorial - Create a SaveInk DeviceLink profile

One important application of DeviceLink profiles is saving ink while retaining the visual color impression. Today, SaveInk (or sometimes referred to as ink optimization) is a popular application for saving ink and enhancing quality in standardized offset, gravure and newspaper printing. This application in large-format printing is relatively new, but should be evaluated for cutting the cost of ink consumption.

In this tutorial I create a SaveInk DeviceLink profile that has a Total Amount of Color of "300" and an Ink Saving of "80".

Launch CoPrA

Open the SaveInk panel

  1. Click "SaveInk".

Customize the SaveInk DeviceLink profile

  1. In the Printer Profile drop down list choose "CoatedFOGRA39.icc".
  2. Click "Customize".

NOTE: In the Setting drop down list there are some predefined settings for the SaveInk calculation.

Customize the Total Amount of Color and Ink Saving in the SaveInk DeviceLink profile

  1. Select "Advanced".
  2. In the Mode drop down list choose "Custom".
  3. Enter the TAC value "300".
  4. Enter the Ink Saving value "80".
  5. Enter the Black Width value "65".
  6. Click "Save as".

Save the SaveInk DeviceLink profile setting

  1. Enter the SaveInk DeviceLink profile setting name "TAC300 - InkSaving80".
  2. Click "OK".

Share the SaveInk DeviceLink profile setting with ZePrA

The saved SaveInk DeviceLink profile setting "TAC300 - InkSaving80" is available in the Setting drop down list.

  1. Enable the checkbox "Share with ZePrA".
  2. Click "Next".

NOTE: The SaveInk DeviceLink profile setting is available in the SmartLink feature in the color management server ZePrA. The profile setting can be selected and used in ZePrA to build DeviceLink profiles on-the-fly.

Save the SaveInk DeviceLink profile

  1. Change the Name to "CoatedFOGRA39_TAC300_InkSaving80.icc".
  2. Enable the checkbox "Create Profile Report".
  3. Click "Save".

Analyze the saved SaveInk profile

The SaveInk DeviceLink profile "CoatedFOGRA39_TAC300_InkSaving80.icc" is successful created in the ColorLogic shared folder (Users/Shared/ColorLogic).

Analyze the profile report

The profile report from the created SaveInk DeviceLink profile opens automatic in your default PDF reader. The report contains profile statistic details, gray balance curves, gradients curves and sample images. The report is saved in the CoPrA "Reports" folder (User/Documents/CoPrA/Reports).



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