Webinar - The ins & outs of the imposition sheet in InSoft Imp

In this webinar, you will get acquainted with InSoft Imp. We will give you a comprehensive overview of what Imp can do and how it works. You will see an entire workflow from start to finish with attention to the most interesting features of the software: intelligent impositioning and cost calculation for various options based on your files.

01:18 - Introduction to InSoft Imp, what can Imp do?
10:40 - Step-by-step, how does Imp work?
13:25 - Demonstration of Insoft Imp 9
14:34 - Configuration of Imp, defining materials
18:09 - Configuration of Imp, defining presses
24:58 - Creating a new job in Imp, loading components from a CSV file
26:57 - Working with components loaded from a CSV file
28:53 - Creating a new plan in Imp
30:41 - Plan one lay-out at a time, manually assisting Imp
37:35 - Plan non-stop, let Imp take the reigns
40:16 - Imp Flow, automated hot-folder based impositioning
48:25 - Summary, what we've learned about Imp



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