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Elpical Claro E-learning portal

Elpical has his own E-learning portal that provides the user info regarding the product Claro. Here the portal link:

Where may I find the official AIR troubleshooting guide?

The official Adobe AIR Troubleshooting page is here.

Can tFLOW Turbine run as a service or a daemon?

No, a user must be logged in to run Turbine.

Are the Adobe Acrobat preflight profiles compatible with tFLOW Production and Approval?

Yes, you may load both .kfp files from Acrobat Preflight as well .kfpx from callas pdfToolbox into Turbine and Approval.

Does ColorLogic support the measurement data from device X?

The UPPTC measurement tool already supports a number of devices directly. If you have another device it will be supported if it can save data according to the CGATS specification. To try simply save measurement data and import them in ColorAnt;...

Does CoPrA support G7 the IDEAlliance control strip?

Yes, the measuring tool used (UPPCT) has a number of predefined control strips built-in and the IDEAlliance control strip is one of those. When cleaning up measurement data, ColorAnt can correct measurement data according to the G7 Gray Balance...

Can I create my own test targets?

There is no built-in test chart creation tool. However, besides the built-in charts, ColorAnt and CoPrA support any measurement file that has the reference and measurement data specified in the CGATS prescribed way. A number of the free test...

How do the ColorLogic products compare to pure (for example packaging) N-Color workflows?

Advanced packaging products can re-separate files using a flexible number of spot colors. The answer ColorLogic has for such workflows depends on its unique ability to work with MultiColor DeviceLink profiles in CoPrA and ZePrA. Using...

Can I create a DeviceLink profile from CMYK to CMYK+?

Yes, it's possible to create RGB/CMY/CMYK to 5C/6C or 7C DeviceLink profiles or 6C to 6C profiles. This will require the multi-color add-on.

Are the ColorLogic products competition to X and Y?

Likely :-) ColorLogic offers a very comprehensive color workflow solution and more than likely it overlaps in functionality with some of the other tools in the market that you know. The important thing to remember is that we believe that the...
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