Scribes Digital Print Ltd, based in Hull, United Kingdom, offers a range of printing services, specializing in digital and offset litho printing. Operating since 1992 and after 30 years, they are still growing with a wide range of customers, from students to SME Businesses and various blue-chip companies.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction as key objectives

The main goal of the company is to help the customers more efficiently. Scribes Digital Print Ltd offers services with no loss of quality in both short and long production runs. Carl and his team want to give the best service to their customers, so they continuously improve their operations.

"Over the years, what we've done is find out how to get jobs printed faster and how to finish jobs around the same day," says Carl Morton, company director at Scribes Digital Ltd. "We removed the old-school process, which takes one or two weeks. To make printing jobs more efficient and cost-effective for the clients, we started talking with Andy and the Four Pees team."

The integration of pdfToolbox

Scribes Digital Print Ltd already uses other software they created and managed themselves, mainly based on Adobe Suite. Using the Adobe Suite meant that most things were done manually, which was very slow. They got in touch with Four Pees to see if they could automate specific processes based on pdfToolbox process plans.

They wanted a plan that would automatically let them check items like registration marks, contour lines, the values of the spot colors, etc. Andy Banks, Sales UK & Ireland at Four Pees explained. "So we put this together for Carl and his team very quickly and in the same moment gave him a demo of all the things that they could do with pdfToolbox."

"The moment Andy showed us this process plan in pdfToolbox and how quickly it adapted everything, we were sold!" Carl explains, "With the help of Andy and the Four Pees team, we were able to set up pdfToolbox Server quickly and a wide range of profiles and checks for different types of print jobs, ranging from business cards to large format print jobs. In 90% of cases, there are problems with customers' orders, this tool removed the problems, and after that, we send the job to print. Due to the software, we have to contact less customers because pdfToolbox already corrects the mistakes."

Besides, user-friendliness was a primary factor for Carl when looking at the software. "We started off with training from Andy and the Four Pees team to create profiles, checks, and fixups, but the program is so user friendly that we now complete training in-house ourselves. To train someone to do a manual task is a very cost and time-consuming job and now by using the process plans in pdfToolbox, we can train somebody within a day to use pdfToolbox!"

"Due to the software, we have to contact less customers because pdfToolbox already corrects the mistakes by itself." -Carl Morton, company director at Scribes Digital Ltd.

Cut out the middleman with complete automation

With the integration of pdfToolbox Server in the print process, Scribes Digital Ltd has been able to increase efficiency and decrease production time drastically. Now they are looking to further automate their production together with Four Pees.

"At this moment, the online orders are not automatically processed. There is still a manual process to drag the pre-flighted job into the correct process planner." Andy Banks explains. "Together with Carl, we'll be looking to automate this with Switch to cut out the middle man."

"The main advantage was using the tools correctly and the help that Andy and his team are offering in automating this process. They don't just implement but work together with you during the entire process. I can now build all necessary preflight checks by myself, but it's always nice to know that Andy and the Four Pees team are just a call away if there are any issues or if I need to check something. They have become invaluable partners to us in this process!"

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