Call in the expert (video)

24 Mar 2021


You have a problem. The good news is, once you know you have a problem, you can easily fix it. You call your expert, they come in, solve the problem and you can get on with life.

But is it really a good idea to completely rely on external experts? Are they going to understand completely what is going on in your business? Perhaps it is better to use your own people, those you can trust, or not? Our CTO David van Driessche gives you the answer.

A mixed approach?

Of course, with this web-to-print system you have, and the MIS, the RIP’s for the different printing devices, PDF and the PDF standards, there is a lot of ground to cover for your people. Can they really be an expert in all of these different things?

This is one scenario where a mixed approach is almost certainly the best way to handle things. Yes, you should use external experts, but you also need your internal people to complement them. So, do you need to understand the black magic involved in creating a preflight profile or a custom report template?

No, you can find an expert for that, but you do need to understand what the principles behind preflight are and what kind of reports can be created, because that is going to affect your relationship with your customer.

So yes, use external experts, but make sure that people in your company have a high-level view on what this expert is going to do, so they can help them to go in the strategic direction that is important for your company.

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