Correcting customer files (video)

17 Mar 2021


There are few workflows where all incoming files will be correct, some of them will have to be corrected. So, what do you do? Do you take the additional responsibility for fixing them? What are your options? Our CTO David van Driessche gives you all the possible options and their benefits.

Send back bad files

The easiest option of course is that you simply send bad files back to the customer, so they have to fix them. Very easy for you, but perhaps not so great for the relationship with your customer.

Silently fix bad files

The second thing you can do is silently fix any file that is not correct. That is great for your relationship with the client, but you’re paying for those corrections.

Fix files at a fee

The third option is that you let your customer choose: we found a problem with your document. You can either fix it yourself or we can fix it for you… at a fee.

Build a policy!

So what is the best way to handle this? Well, that is going to depend on your clients and your relationships with them. If you have mostly professional clients, it might be completely ok to send files that are bad back to them. They will fix them. If your clients are not so expert, it might be a great additional service if you can fix whatever goes wrong.

What is important is that you look at this as a business decision. You have to evaluate what this means to your business and then you have to make sure that everyone who works at your company understands what the rules are. What they can do, and what they can’t.

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