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22 Jul 2021


Four Pees has recently created a series of apps for the Enfocus Appstore to help enhance the various possibilities in Enfocus Switch, based on feedback they received from multiple companies. One of the key apps in this series is integration with project management tool into Enfocus Switch.

David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees: “We meet a lot of different companies from all ranges of the industry. Based on their requests, remarks and feedback, we have started creating a series of apps for the Enfocus app store to help companies of all sizes and market segments get the most out of their Switch workflow and integrate them into the entire print workflow. As we want to share our expertise and knowledge with the rest of the graphics sector, we thought that this platform is the perfect location.”, meet Switch. is mainly known as a project management tool used globally by both SMEs and multinationals. Regardless of what it manages, it does so in a very structured and highly visual way. With this application, is easily integrated into Enfocus Switch to help you create dashboards for different aspects of your business, such as:

  • See your jobs moving through production and know in what stage they are in
  • Have specific team members see lists of jobs
  • Have a handy overview of all jobs and their status if customers call.

Most of the time, you’re maintaining and updating everything manually, which is repetitive and laborious. The integration fully automates this process. The suite of apps gives you everything to upload information to from Switch or download data for a specific job from when necessary, improving all processing from production management to customer service.

The integration is available in the Enfocus App store for a one-time fee of $ 2,499 or a yearly subscription of 999 $/year. A free 30-day trial is available. Click here for more information.

Create a file from template

A second app in the Enfocus app store is “Create a file from template.” This app solves creating a relatively complex text file in Switch, such as an XML file, or a JDF, or a complex JSON file. A solution is to write a very custom script for this, but even with a script, doing this is still very messy and a lot of hard and painstaking work.

Four Pees took the concept of an HTML templating engine and applied it to this problem to solve this. You provide a template and can then insert variables in that template in a structured way. Modern templating engines even allow you to create loops, insert conditionals, and so on.

The Switch app uses the EJS templating engine to do precisely this. It has different ways to specify where the template is and to specify input variables for the template. It builds the output from the template injected with these variables and then output it according to what you need in the rest of the workflow.

This app is available in the Enfocus App store for free. Click here for more information.

Download a Word version of the press release: click here

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