Four Pees Café - The wonderfully confusing world of creating imposed print sheets

14 Jun 2021

Four Pees Café

Imposition, ganging, (true shape) nesting, step-and-repeat, sheet optimization… All of those terms are used by people when they talk about generating efficient print sheets. But often different people use the same terminology for different processes. And it’s even less clear which software you should use to solve what problems efficiently.

In this Four Pees Café, David van Driessche and Michiel Van den Saffele dive into the terminology first of all, and then take a look at some of the different types of applications out there.

Mostly with a goal to define where the limitations are, what software excels at what tasks and where the tipping point is between different solutions. We’ll be talking about solutions such as callas pdfToolbox, Quite Imposing, caldera PrimeCenter, calderaRIP and Insoft Imp.

Video is in English

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