Four Pees Café - Javascript: Asynchrounous behaviour

15 Feb 2021 By Sam Claeys

Javascript Four Pees Café

Packaging is all around us and is usually the main showstopper for customers to buy the product it contains. But how do are those packagings created? How are they prototyped? We’ll show you how in our Four Pees Café.

In this Café, we will look at the Picador 3D module and how it can be used to create and digitally “fold-up” a carton box to create a 3D visualization of the finished product.

We’ll start with a dieline and use Picador 3D to fold each of the crease lines, creating an animated step-by-step view of how the packaging is assembled. We will also add an artwork to the design to preview the final result.

This webinar will show you the complete workflow and all the steps involved in creating a virtual prototype of a carton box and highlight some tips and tricks that can improve your results. We will also start the discussion on how the treeDiM application compares to Creative Edge iC3D, on which we’ll do a separate webinar on March 4th.

Did you miss last week's Four Pees Café on Javascript an asynchronous behavior? No problem, you can review the recording here!

Restarting the JavaScript series as promised, this session is about one of the most confusing things in any programming language - asynchronous behaviour. Don’t know what it is or why it’s important for you? If you ever want to use JavaScript either for working with databases, web technology or similar, this is something you’re almost guaranteed to come across. Join this session to learn what it is, how it will influence you and how you can avoid getting too many headaches over it.

See the full video here

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