Four Pees creates Ghent PDF Output Suite Conformance training

08 Jul 2021


The Ghent Workgroup recently developed a conformance certification program around the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0. Printers who obtain the conformance certification label show they have a modern workflow, that is compatible with and optimized to process PDF/X-4 files. Certification is granted by the Ghent Workgroup but is always guided by a Ghent Workgroup member. As one of its newest members, Four Pees can not only guide printers through this process but has also created a full training course to help printers make sure they are ready for this certification.

David van Driessche, CTO at Four Pees: “Getting the Conformance certificate is of course nice, but the real value for printers is to understand the underlying principles of the PDF format and the relevant ISO and GWG standards. It is this knowledge that will help printers to become more efficient in how they deal with incoming PDF files. As Four Pees we didn’t just want to provide support to get the Ghent PDF Output Suite Conformance Certificate, but we wanted to combine that with essential training to increase knowledge at printers. The certification then is the cherry on the proverbial cake.”

The Ghent PDF Output Suite consists of several dozen patches, each testing a specific aspect of the PDF/X-4 standard. These are composed into six larger sheets (with 8 patches each), are fully PDF/X-4 compliant and contain only valid PDF/X-4 features which could also be part of any ordinary PDF/X-4 file. To be certified, a test file containing the six sheets is personalized for the candidate printer. The printer must output it and provide proof of a good result. As the Ghent PDF Output Suite is easy to judge, pictures of the 4 or 6 printed sheets (depending on level) provide sufficient proof.

To help prepare for this certification, Four Pees has created an essential training course. This consists of two half days of training, focusing on the architecture of the PDF file format, essential features of the file format, PDF standards such as the GWG and PDF/X standards, and how to detect and deal with problematic PDF files. As any Four Pees training, it can be further customized so the participating printer gets maximum value out of it.

More information on the training can be found here.

Information on the Ghent PDF Output Suite and other resources can be found on the GWG website here

To download a Word version of this press release, click here

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