Feel spot on color management

Consistent color characteristics for every device at any time.

Pre-press color management

Gain time when preparing the printing press and save money now that you don't need to buy special inks.

  • Error-free & automatic standardization of all color spaces.
  • Homogenization of documents that are made in one or more color spaces.
  • Preparation & adaptation to a specific printing process: re-separate to multiple colors, such as CMYK + spot colors or CMYK + orange/green/violet.
  • Meet customer expectations, especially those with little graphic expertise that have a final result in mind.

Qualitative results regardless of the medium or device - at any time

  • Color standardization: make sure you get the same color on every surface and every printer that is entirely in line with the customer's branding.
  • Directly control inkjet printers: automatically generate the right color profile for the chosen medium.
  • We ensure that your presses are color-standardized: make sure that all your output devices (printer/press) print according to a certain FOGRA standard.

Save ink

Use as little ink as possible and still get the same results.

  • Automatic grey component replacement (GCR) & automatic under color removal (UCR)
  • Digital printing: one separation is one click
  • Implement an HP Enhanced productivity mode color workflow.