How to integrate callas pdfToolbox with Enfocus Switch?

The Enfocus Switch product line allows automating a series of “best of breed” applications in a visual and very user-friendly way. Of course the pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox products integrate into Switch. This integration happens through “configurators” and in order to automate the callas products, you have to obtain the most recent pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox configurators from within Switch. Here are detailed instructions on how to go about that:

When opening Enfocus Switch:

Go to “Help” => Manage configurators…:

Open “Web” and search for callas:

Select the configurators you want and install them (there will be different versions of the configurators; select the ones for the callas application(s) you are using:

Finally restart Switch:

Following these steps gives you the most recent version of the configurators of pdfaPilot or pdfToolbox - you can opt to install all of them or only those configurators you are interested in. As there are no downsides to installing the configurators, we advise you to install all of them so that you can experiment with the functionality and see what you need exactly.
Optimize callas pdfToolbox Distributed Processing in Enfocus Switch

Using the optional extension “Distributed processing” of callas pdfToolbox, jobs can be processed on other machines (Satellites). The distribution of jobs is handled by the Dispatcher. This allows to distribute the load to selected machines.
For an optimal distribution of jobs within Enfocus Switch it has become figured out, that some additional settings should be done. The “Number of slots” in the pdfToolbox Configurator is important.
First “Allow advanced performance tuning” in the properties Flow should be set to “Yes”:

Additionally the “Number of slots” in the pdfToolbox Configurator should be set to “0”. This setting gives the Dispatcher the exklusive control of the distribution ob jobs in the network and the distribution normally done by Enfocus Switch will not take place:



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