Webinar - Dynamic imposition from theory to practice

The imposition engine in pdfToolbox has learnt a couple of new tricks recently. This session shows you how to make an imposition dynamic. We focus on how to make sheets and slots "on the fly", depending on what is needed for a given input job.

At VIP Event 2017, David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees) and Ulrich Frotscher (Technical Director of callas) taught you the theory and illustrated that using a number of examples.

00:38 - Dynamic imposition in pdfToolbox, theory with Ulrich
01:26 - Summary
01:57 - 'Sheets' and 'Slots' in pdfToolbox Sheet configuration for imposition
08:33 - Static Sheet Configurations in pdfToolbox imposition
09:32 - Static Runlists in pdfToolbox imposition
12:00 - Creating sheets on the fly using variables
15:00 - Creating slots on the fly using variables
17:55 - Getting parameters from outside of pdfToolbox
20:06 - Using JavaScript and Process Plans to create a Dynamic imposition
21:00 - Start of demonstration with David 38:30 - Questions from the audience

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