Webinar - Getting started with Place Content (part 2)

The "Place Content" fixup is perhaps the most powerful and flexible piece of technology in pdfToolbox. It can also be a real challenge to wrap your head around it and get going with it. Luckily, once you get the hang of the basic principles, things become a lot easier.

At VIP Event 2017, David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees) started this session with the theory of what place content can do for you and how it works (part 1). The next step then is a practical example of building a proofing preview page using the imposition engine and the place content technology (part 2).

00:10 - Applying the template using Actions and Process Plans
03:36 - Building the HTML template in phases
06:00 - Step 1: Starting with the template from GitHub
07:45 - Step 2: A closer look at the files. Removing excess data and setting the page size
17:22 - Step 3: Adding layout containers. How to position content
21:55 - Step 4: Adding the content to the containers
24:20 - Step 5: Formatting the content
25:50 - Step 6: Update dynamic content from used variables
31:00 - Questions from the audience



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