Webinar - How to install multiple versions of pdfToolbox & move licenses to another machine?

In this webinar, we'll focus on how to install multiple versions of pdfToolbox and how to move licenses to another machine. How can you install multiple versions of pdfToolbox on the same machine, for example to test a new version that came out? What's the difference between installing a major version or a minor version? Do those versions interact with each other and what about compatibility between the different versions you have installed? pdfToolbox is activated on particular hardware. If that hardware changes, how can you move your license from one computer to another computer?

00:35 - Installing more than 1 major version of pdfToolbox on the same computer
03:47 - Upgrading pdfToolbox Desktop and taking your settings and profiles with you
09:48 - Creating a new default profile library in pdfToolbox
11:06 - Upgrading pdfToolbox Server while keeping your settings and jobs
12:00 - Sharing pdfToolbox profiles with others
15:04 - Running different minor versions of pdfToolbox in parallel
17:55 - Licensing pdfToolbox for more than 1 user per machine
21:31 - Moving your pdfToolbox installation to a different machine



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