Webinar - The imposition engine in pdfToolbox

In this webinar, we will talk about the imposition engine in pdfToolbox. pdfToolbox contains a complete imposition engine. It's not as powerful as for example Imp from InSoft, but it's probably more powerful than you imagine. Let's look at ways to use this imposition engine and some of the tasks it can be used for.

02:52 - The "Arrange" group in the pdfToolbox Switchboard
04:17 - The "Step and Repeat" Action
05:45 - The "Booklet" Action
08:40 - When the pre-made actions are not enough, the "Impose" Action in pdfToolbox contains the full power of the imposition engine
11:55 - The imposition files
14:14 - Sheetconfig file for pdfToolbox imposition
23:54 - Runlist file for pdfToolbox imposition
30:31 - Runlist Debugger
33:05 - Automating pdfToolbox imposition by using Switchboard Actions in a Process Plan
39:30 - Limitations of the imposition engine in pdfToolbox

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