Webinar - Tips & tricks for JavaScript in variables

Starting in version 9 a lot of improvements concerning variables were introduced in pdfToolbox, not the least of which was the use of Javascript.

At VIP Event 2017, David van Driessche (CTO of Four Pees) and Ulrich Frotscher (Technical Director of callas) introduced tips and tricks, and things not possible before the use of Javascript.

00:35 - Summary of topics
00:55 - Using Javascript in pdfToolbox to check if the Trimbox is centered in the Mediabox with a tolerance.
10:35 - Editing variables outside of pdfToolbox because it's easier that way
25:33 - Checking if objects are too close to the edge of the page
35:23 - Using Checks and Variables to carry specific information to later steps in processing
43:05 - Using JSON in Process Plans to decide whether or not to execute certain steps



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