Let's get physical...

Well, not that kind of training. With our classroom or one-on-one training, we will passionately share our knowledge on a product or technology.

PDF Standards & Preflight

The training 'PDF Standards & Preflight' is a first introduction to PDF and PDF standards, preflight and advanced checks and fixups.

pdfToolbox training - Beginner

Not so familiar with what pdfToolbox can actually do in your workflow? Then our pdfToolbox training for beginners is tailor-made for you! The sessions will give you an overview of what you can and cannot do in pdfToolbox. No details here, but the big lines to help you understand what you are dealing with.

pdfToolbox training - Intermediate

Already familiar with pdfToolbox? Well, get your hands dirty and dive into the details of pdfToolbox! This pdfToolbox training for intermediates will cover preflight inspection, variables, advanced checks, advanced fixups and much more.

Bespoke Training

Are you looking for training on a specific product or subject? Let us know