Automation in Indesign with axaio MadeToPrint

03 Nov 2021

Great, you've created multiple variants, languages, and layers of a design in Indesign. Now begins the long, time-consuming journey in making all the different versions. But what if you could do that with just one click?

During this Four Pees Café, Christian Blaise, our Director of Professional Services and Support, will dive deeper into MadeToPrint, an Adobe Indesign plugin that allows manual, one-click, print, and export from your design document to one or more output targets. Helping you gain valuable time creating various versions of a document, increasing efficiency, and reducing production time.

We'll be focusing on the following scenarios, where we'll be creating

  • one PDF with all variants and all languages included
  • one PDF per variant, with all languages
  • one PDF per language version, with all variants
  • one PDF per language per variant

Video in English

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