There’s an app for that (video)

03 Mar 2021


Do you invest in software or in hardware to optimize your print production? A big decision as you can only spend your money once. Most investments tend to go to hardware, but sometimes a smaller investment in software can go a long way! Our CTO David van Driessche explains this with an anecdote we all know.

Hi, I’m a geek and I have a nice phone. I really like the build quality, the speed, it has a fantastic screen, and it does everything for me. Why? Because it has an app for that.

Yes of course, the hardware is important, but software is just as important. And usually, we undervalue it.

So yes, we might complain a little bit about the price of the hardware before we buy this one thousand dollar or euro phone, but we’re going to buy it anyway. And then we’ll see an app that looks great, but it costs 99 cents and we’re going to wonder whether it is really worth it.

Our brain consistently undervalues things it cannot touch. Not convinced? We can do a little experiment. Think about your favorite navigation software. It’s probably free. What if you had to pay 99 cents a month for that software from next month on. How long would you hesitate before you buy it? You probably use it multiple times a week, maybe even multiple times a day. Its value is undeniable.

Transform your business

It is common to see companies boost performance by buying additional printing or finishing equipment. While if they would look a little closer, they would see that the equipment they already have is used for maybe fifty, sixty percent and that an investment in software would make a much quicker boost in performance at a much lower cost.

That doesn’t mean that you have to buy every piece of software you come across. What it does mean is that you should have a software strategy, just as you have a hardware strategy.

Treat software as an investment as much as hardware. The right software can allow you to go to other markets, it can increase your efficiency and lower your costs. And it can completely reshape your relationship with the customer.

And let’s be honest about it, compared to hardware, software is not expensive at all.”

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