I cannot activate my callas product as I don't have an Internet connection


I have to install callas software on a system that doesn't have an Internet connection. The activation procedure requires an Internet connection to do the activation? How can I work around that?


When going through the procedure, an error message appears because the callas activation server cannot be contacted.


  1. In order to make this work, you can do off-line activation. Follow to normal activation procedure until the point where you have entered your details and see a "Details" button on the window.

  2. Click on this "Details" button. This brings up a window to show which information will be sent to callas software.
  3. Click on the "Send via E-Mail" button to reveal the full email text that needs to be sent to callas software.

  4. Copy and paste this text into a text document and take it to a system where you have email access. Create a new email with the subject, content and "To" address as described and send it off to callas software.
  5. Once you receive the response email with the attached "License.txt" file, take this file back to the system without Internet access and use it to go through the rest of the procedure.


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