Webinar - Take MadeToPrint to the next level!

At the VIP Event 2017, René Treuber (Product Manager of axaio) talked about taking MadeToPrint to the next level through using all of its features. There are several useful functionalities within MadeToPrint that are often not used in end user workflows. In this video some of these will be explained in detail and demonstrated step by step.

01:05 - Preflighting within InDesign
05:54 - Token engine for file naming AND Scripting in MadeToPrint
15:43 - Parameter overrides to modify InDesign export presets
19:33 - Jobticket mode to drive MadeToPrint variably using XML Jobtickets
26:08 - PDF Post Process using the integrated callas pdfEngine to run pdfToolbox Profiles



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