How do I best upgrade Adobe Acrobat on Windows so that callas pdfToolbox remains working?

When upgrading Adobe Acrobat on Windows (for example to go from version 9 to Acrobat X), Adobe Acrobat is completely reinstalled and the old version of the software is removed by the Adobe installer. To ensure pdfToolbox remains working, follow the following steps:

  • Your preferences should not be affected by this upgrade. But it is always wise to have a backup of your preferences before doing big changes, so head on over to the callas preferences folder and make a backup.
  • Make sure you have the pdfToolbox installer handy. If necessary you can download it from the callas download page.
  • Run the Adobe Acrobat installer to upgrade your Acrobat installation.
  • When Adobe Acrobat is installed and properly working, run the callas pdfToolbox installer to reinstall the pdfToolbox plugin in your new version of Adobe Acrobat.


  • Your preferences or custom profiles will not be affected by running the Adobe or pdfToolbox installer.
  • You should not need to reactivate pdfToolbox, it will continue to recognize your license.
  • You can avoid having to run the pdfToolbox installer, but going into the plug-ins folder of Adobe Acrobat and making a copy of the callas pdfToolbox folder. Then, after upgrading to the new Adobe Acrobat version simply copy the pdfToolbox folder back into the plug-ins folder of Adobe Acrobat.


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