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PrintControl is your companion for achieving high quality color and meeting standards requirements in a simple and intuitive way. With PrintControl, getting your printing optimized is a question of hours, not days or weeks. Try it and see for yourself how easy good color can be.
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Product information

⚠️ Aleyant has terminated the production and sales of PrintControl. Customer support for bugs, features or questions will expire on December 31, 2019.

PrintControl standardizes your printing process in minutes.

Especially suitable for:

Printers (Conventional and Digital), Equipment and Consumable manufacturers and vendors.


Printcontrol 2.7

Product Price
PrintControl 2.7 € 2 900


Product Price
Upgrade from PrintControl 2.0 € 590
Upgrade from PrintControl 1.0 € 1 190

PrintControl Pro 2.7 (PrintControl + RapidCheck Bundle)

Product Price
PrintControl Pro 2.7 (PrintControl + RapidCheck Bundle) € 3 990


Product Price
Upgrade from PrintControl Pro 2.0 € 790
Upgrade from PrintControl Pro 1.0 € 1 490


Grey Balance and TVI correction

Print curve compensation and optimization using both NPDC and Tone Value Increase methods.

Knowledge base

Information on standards, profiles, characterization data, machine maintenance, and more.

Standardization wizard

Conventional offset printers will be guided through the process to reach high quality prints in no time.

Substrate Database

Organize and assure the quality of all your paper stocks. Automatic classifi cation based upon L*a*b* values, search and fi lter by cost, manufacturer, paper type, as well as comparison of refl ectance curves, dE, and more.

Key features

  • TVI and NPDC calibration methods.
  • Colorimetric determination of print density for widest gamut and best color match.
  • Optimization and control of primary as well as secondary colors.
  • Curve calculation for optimizing printing plates as well as digital printing.
  • Grey balance analysis.
  • Paper classification and quality control based upon CIELAB values.
  • Knowledge base places all relevant print and standardization information at your fingertips.
  • Wizard-based, optimized print standardization routines to have all prints standardized in just hours.

Release notes

2.9.0 9 December 2016


  • Rebranded to Aleyant-Tucanna.
  • Removed NPDC compensation method (PC).

2.8.1 26 February 2016

New features

  • New FOGRA51 and FOGRA52 standards.
  • New PSO V3 Specification.
  • New F51 wedges and testforms.
  • Added new gray balance check (Delta Ch) as required by ISO 12647-2 2013.
  • Added the possibility to create a spot colors only job (RC).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with dE2000 calcualtion.
  • Fixed a bug in Gray balance check where a* and b* are equal to zero.

2.8.0 31 July 2015

New features

  • Update I1PRo support with latest 4.2.2 sdk, supported devices are: I1PRO rev A,B,C,D and I1Pro rev E (aka I1Pro2).
  • New X-Rite eXact 3.0.2 driver.
  • Released new RapidCheck Light verison.
  • Added possibility to export Standards (RC full).
  • Added TVI Editor in RapidCheck.
  • Added the possibility to specify the dE formula in standard editor.
  • Added M Standard support for X-Rite EyeOne and X-Rite eXact.
  • Disabled TVI compensation for NPDC method (PC - Wizard).
  • Added new PSR Standards, GraCOL2013, SWOP 3-5 2013, FOGRA 48, 49, 50.
  • Added cxf3 support in RapidCheck spot color libraries.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Printcontrol not using the compensated curves for calculation.
  • Fixed a bug in exporting some standard files.


New features

  • Added X-Rite eXact spectrophotomoeter scanning support.
  • Update I1PRo support with latest 4.1.3 support, supported devices are: I1PRO rev A,B,C,D and I1Pro rev E (aka I1Pro2).
  • New eXact 3.0.1 driver.
  • Possibility to define gray balance optimal densities.
  • Added dE limit for P2P import (NPDC - Wizard).

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixings and internal improvments.



How to upload large files to support?


When sending problems to support or asking questions about a specific functionality, it is always helpful if you supply as much information as possible:

  • Profiles or Process Plans when working with pdfToolbox or pdfaPilot
  • Example documents 'before' and 'after' to explain the problem or question
  • Screenshots explaining the specific problem

When such files are over 2MB it is more reliable and quicker to send them to us through our Dropbox. This article describes how to do so.


  1. First of all, please give your documents a unique name. If you already have a case ID (a 5-digit number), please include this case ID in the name of the file(s) you are going to send to us.
  2. Click this link to browse to our Dropbox upload page
  3. Click 'Choose files from your computer' and navigate to the files
  4. If you are not logged into Dropbox, fill out your First and Last name and email address
  5. Click 'Upload'

You will receive an email confirming your files were uploaded succesfully.

Do you have a complete price list in Euro / USD?

Yes, the latest price list is available via distributor Four Pees. To access the Reseller Guide, go to Once you have registered as reseller, and your account has been approved, you will be granted access to the reseller guide containing full pricing information for all products in Euro and USD. With any questions regarding exact pricing for specific customers, bundles etc... please contact

System requirements

Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Chinese and Japanese.

Operating System

Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server, XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7.

Recommended hardware

Intel Core Duo or equivalent, 1.6 GHz or higher. Memory 1 GB RAM, 20 GB hard drive.

Graphic card / Monitor

Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768, supports DirectX 9.0c

Devices Supported

X-Rite i1, eXact, SpectroEye, Intellitrax, EasyTrax, 528/530, and Techkon SpectroDens


1 x USB, CD read unit.

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